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Handwriting Improvement Course

Handwriting Improvement Course



About the course:

Welcome to world of writing skills. In This course you will be learning the basics of handwriting, Why is handwriting so important, how posture plays a very important role in handwriting, A good pencil/pen grip’s importance, fine motor skills, Brain gym which helps you to bring an overall development,  visual perception exercises, strokes, corrections and error analysis and with a take away of a  certificate at the end of the course.

This course helps you not only write legible also makes written presentation attractive, credible and enhances academic performance, it is an image booster which also builds good communication skills and self-confidence.

Number Of Classes - 5


Dr. Sulata Shenoy – Director        

I am the Director of TURNING POINT, Centre for Psychological Assessments, Therapies and Counseling. I obtained my M.A., M.Phil and Ph.D degrees in Psychology from Bangalore University. I have worked as a consultant in Psychology at several hospitals, schools and colleges in Bangalore.

Sunayana Umesh     

 MSc Human Development

I am an Early Educator and Interventionist, Psychological Assessment and Therapies in Brain Gym™, Energia Structure of Intellect™ , Handwriting Improvement, Early Education, Gifted children, Cognitive Behavior therapy.



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